Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Favorite Places...

I was taking pictures around school today and decided to take some in my own room and share them with you.  These are some of my favorite places in my classroom.  The first place is the back wall with our Book Nook in the middle.  The Book Nook is the tall bookcase where we store out book boxes for independent reading. On each side of that I have several bookcases that contain all my books. My books are sorted by themes.  On the wall behind is my growing word wall.

The next place is my bookcase by the door that contains books that are sorted by DRA levels.  Students trade out books each day and take them home to read at night for homework.  Each student has a star on their basket.  They all know their reading level and know the year end goal.  As they progress through the levels, they move their star.

Another favorite place is my calendar area.  My students sit on the carpet in front of the board each morning as we work our way across the board.  I include math and phonic/language skills each day in our calendar morning routine.  The bookcases at the bottom of the board contain books that go with the current theme we are working with.

THANKS for letting me share my classroom!


  1. I loooovvveee how organized your classroom is!!!!!!! And, I LOVE your printables!

  2. I really like the way that the students have their star on the leveled basket that is just right for them. I plan to incorporate this in my classroom, except I'll use their student # so that classroom visitors/parents aren't keyed in to who is at what level. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I loved your room! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Can I ask your help in money? I see in your calendar routine has a number of the day? Is that number the same number for tally marks, counting coins, etc? Can you explain how you incorporate counting coins please?


  4. I love where you have your books sorted by DRA level. Are those your picture books or are those Guided Reading books? Where did you find their levels? Thanks!

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