Monday, March 21, 2011

Race to the Stars

Here is another game with a space theme to practice reading the Second 100 Fry Words. This time we are in a Race to the Stars to read the most words.  In the end, EVERYONE wins because EVERYONE reads! ENJOY!!

Click here to download Race to the Stars.


  1. Love both games! Very cute! Thanks! :)

  2. Kathy, this game is AWESOME too! Thank you so much for making these with a space theme for me! Love them!!! Question? Do you have 4 kiddos play using the one game boards hared between the 4 of them like it is or do you cut each ladder apart so each of 4 children has a game in front of them? Hope that makes sense what I am asking! lol Thanks soooo much!
    Cindy in South Carolina

  3. Hey Cindy,
    Four or less students play together. I do not cut them apart. Less than 4 will play sometimes because maybe some can only get along with 1 or 2 others at a time. I am going to add some lose a turn or take an extra turn cards to some of these games. We played Addition Races today (I have lots more of these kind of games) and now that we are good at it, we need some twists and turns to our game. THANKS!


  4. Thanks Kathy! I understand how you are playing this game board now. I thought my kiddos would do best playing with just one or two other friends too. : )
    I looked and you are only ONE follower away! Hooray! Can't wait for the 100 followers Give Away! Thank you so much for all you make and share! : )
    Cindy in South Carolina


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