Frog or Toad?

We're almost at the end of our Frog and Toad unit.  We talked about the different characteristics of Frog and Toad, the characters not the animals.

We charted our observations.  

We then looked them over and decided are we more like Frog or Toad. Next, we made  the one we are like.

Take a look at how cute, they turned out.

Click on the picture to grab your own pattern.  We painted paper plates for the body and added to it.

Next week we will writing our own Frog and Toad stories.  I can't wait!


Ms.M said...

This is just darling! I have to try this with my students when I read Frog & Toad. :)

Ms. M
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Kim said...

Thanks for sharing these cute frog and toads and your ideas.
Mrs. Saylor’s Log

TeachDramado said...

Awesome frogs and toads! Thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

"Toad"ally cute idea! It's going in my frog file for next August!! :o) Thanks for ALL the great shares!!


LaNesha Tabb said...

super cute. and I love that you've been teaching 22 years- you're kind are my heros and I LOVE learning from tenured teachers!!!

Justin said...

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