Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ready or Not...Testing Season Begins!

Well, unfortunately that time of the year has come for our students. Over the years I have given the CAT, NAT, FCAT, CoGAT, ITBS, Gateway, and CRCT. So this week I thought I would share some things that I do to help alleviate the stress on my little ones.

In the past I have done just about everything including tinted lighting, peppermints, bottled water, and chewing gum.  I have even had students arrive an hour earlier to school, cooked, and served breakfast.  Bacon, eggs, toast, and juice were served to everyone before testing with GREAT parent support!!

There is one thing that I continue to do year after year after year that the students absolutely LOVE!! I write positive notes and place them on their desks each morning with the corresponding treat that goes with the note.  I have a different note for each test, reading, language, and math.  You'd think the treat makes the difference but it doesn't. They read the note and have the treat after testing is done for the day.  After the first days testing, they can't wait to read their note the next day.  They LOVE the notes!!  They last long after the treat is gone!

Here are my notes. I left the teacher name empty if you want to sign, copy, cut, and use for yourself.

Click here to get your own copy of my reading note.  Add a Starburst!

Click here to get your own copy of my language arts note.  Add Smarties!

Click here to get your own copy of my math note.  Add a Blow Pop!

Have a WONDERFUL week!


  1. You are a great teacher. I know of one special first grader that really appreciated your notes and everything else you did during his first grade year!

  2. Hello,
    I love your blog.. you seem to have some great ideas.. check out my blog..

    Sara Zakar

  3. These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a fun idea! I am sure your kids enjoy finding something like that! I just came across your blog last night and love all the great game ideas you have come up with and shared on here. I will definitely be back to visit! Thanks so much!!


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