Friday, April 01, 2011

Winner's Week: Day 5


Click here to download Space Case.

THANKS for stopping by this week to check out all the winners in my first giveaway!! I hope you continue to visit my little piece of the web!  The next GIVEAWAY is only 66 FOLLOWERS away!


  1. Hooray! I am soooo excited that you made a game for me Kathy! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU! This is precious and fun!!! This was such an awesome giveaway because we all won a free game every day! Thank you sooo much!
    Cindy in South Carolina

  2. This game looks amazing and my kiddos are working very hard on money right now! I tried to download it, but it wont let me. :( Is it still available? Thanks!


  3. Hi Kathy...I printed this out for my Cub Scout den. Thanks so much for making it available. Just wondering if I missed some cards, because they all say "Move 1 Space" and the boys got couldn't get passed "Move Back 3 Spaces".

  4. Unfortunately, I can't print this for my cub scout den for today. I wish that I could this is such a cute idea for a game.


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