Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just like the Dollar Tree

Everything in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers is on sale for $1.00 each.  
Sale ends Monday, July 18th. 
Stop by and check it out!

Just for stopping by...

Click the picture below to grab your own copy of Money.

It's a book from my classroom library that I use when teaching money. ENJOY!


  1. Thanks for the Money Book! Yay! Looove your blog! :)

  2. This is awesome!!!! Can't wait to find some goodies!
    I just ran across your blog today and I love it. I'm new to blogging but would love to share my ideas with more bloggers. Come visit and share with me.

  3. I'm new, too! I can't wait to actually have enough posts to have archives someday...

    Thanks for all of your hard work!

  4. Love the money book! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kathy, I love your money book. I already have four posters like this in my class, but had never heard of the half dollar or dollar rhyme - did you make those up? I love the idea of having all of these in a book. As always, thank you for sharing!
    An Open Door

  6. THANKS Everyone!

    Camille...No I didn't make this one up, I found it in a list of money poems somewhere. I MAY have done a little editing though. I'm not sure where I got it or who the original author was.


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