Monday, August 01, 2011

Back to School Sale

Check out the BACK TO SCHOOL sale at Teachers Pay Teachers.  

Teachers Pay Teachers is giving everyone 10% off and I am giving you 20% off on top of that on everything in my store!

A lot of other GREAT teachers are doing the same. Be sure to check out all the WONDERFUL products to make your life easier and help your students ACHIEVE more as you go BACK TO SCHOOL!

Just enter the code B1T1S for SUPER savings at checkout.  ENJOY shopping!

P.S. When you finish shopping, come back, and leave me a comment, with your email, telling me about a GREAT purchase you made and I'll send you my Back to School Bingo game.


  1. I love everything you do and have purchased most of your games! Thanks!!

  2. Just became your newest follower. I will have to check out your TPT store!! Great ideas on your blog!

  3. I found a nice hfw "I have, who has?" game, as well as a ten frame activity that uses clip art instead of dots.

  4. I enjoyed to play this game. It's excellent game. Each and every day your blog having some new game. your blog templates are awesome collections.

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  5. I love the Hoppy Back to School game! I am a first year teacher and would love to have the back to school bingo game as well! Thank you for an awesome site!


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