Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Are We Reading Wednesday

This week's post is on a book that I've been sharing with my First Graders for the last couple of years at this time of year.

The Little Green Witch by Barbara Barbieri McGrath is a Halloween version of The Little Red Hen. In this story, the little green witch is looking for some help planting, watering, picking, carving, and making pumpkin pie.  However, the bat, ghost, and gremlin are not willing to help.  Of course at the end of the story, everyone wants to eat. The little green witch eats the pie all by herself after she turns her friends into...guess what...little red hens!

This is a great book that can easily be paired with The Little Red Hen to make text to text connections.

We also compare and contrast.

Click on the pictures above to grab your own copies. ENJOY!

Also, here's some orange for today...

a math activity to practice addition and subtraction.

Click the picture below to grab your own copy. ENJOY!

(Just in case you don't see it, it's a jack-o-lantern!)


  1. That jack-o-latern is AWESOME! Would you consider doing a how to post on creating those sometime?

    1st Grade with Miss Snowden

    PS: Have you ever gotten an email from me thanking you for the weather games from the science week giveaway? I tried to email you a couple of times but for some reason they weren't able to send. Anyway, I thought the last time I tried it went through. Thanks again!

  2. Yes Jena...I just got it the other day. THANKS!! I can try to do a post on it. This was my first one I did totally on the computer. I have made them in the past by hand. It takes a LOT of time and patience! My students have always loved them!


  3. I have never heard of The Little Green Witch before. Gonna have to check it out. LOVE the jack-o-lantern! Thanks for sharing your hard work.
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. Kathy--we read this story last week and I blogged about it. I have a written response on my blog, as well as an art project! I hope you can use one or both. I know I have used many of your things. Thanks, as always, for sharing!


  5. I'll check it out Megan. THANKS!


  6. Totally cute! Love the Jack-o-lantern!

  7. Thank you SO much! I bought this book the other day and was just trying to figure out some fun stuff to do with it! Awesome!!

  8. Oh my goodness that Jack-o-lantern is amazing! I'm so impressed! BTW my kiddos loved your Spookley game!

    Ed Link - First Grade

  9. I totally just stumbled across this book last week for the first time ever while perusing the books at B& did I ever miss this book?? But I will say that what's even sadder??? Most of my kids have never heard of The Little Red Hen to even compare it...sheesh!

  10. This author also writes a Christmas version called "The Little Red Elf"! It's just as wonderful as The Little Green Witch :)


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