Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Race to a Dollar?

We are working on counting money.

In the past years we've played Race to a Dollar, but this year we needed to start with a smaller amount to work our way up to a dollar and beyond.

I decided to remake the original game board and create some others to go with it.

So we are racing to a dime,

racing to a quarter,

racing to a dollar,

and eventually racing  to $20.00.

Click on any picture above to grab your own copies of these game boards. ENJOY!!


  1. oh.mah.goodness, this couldn't have come at a better time!!! thank you so much for this freebie, my second graders will all be playing this tomorrow (differentiated for their math groups). happy valentine's to you!
    :D Miss Dennis

  2. Thanks so much! I'm gathering more money games for stations (trying to be proactive rather than scrambling!). I love them :)

    New Adventures in First Grade

  3. This looks like fun, but how do you play? I didn't see directions for the game. Thanks for sharing the freebie!

  4. Silly question: how do you play? Do you roll a dice and start with pennies? I've never heard of this game, but it looks great!
    Ed Link - First Grade

  5. We are starting money this week. Thank you!

  6. Kathy, I am not sure if I have told you thank you for awhile so THANK YOU!!! I so appreciate all that you share with us. This boards will be put to good use in my class!
    An Open Door

  7. Thank you so much for this! My goddaughter is having such trouble with counting money - this is going to be the perfect game that I can play with her to get her some much needed practice.


  8. Kathy -
    Those are so cute thanks for sharing. Stop by and visit me I'm a new blogger. ~ Vicky * I'm your newest follower :o)

  9. Thank Kathy for sharing this great resource!! My firsties reaaaaally need practice with coins and trading equivalent values.

    I just pinned this on pinterest and am directing them to your blog! :D

    Fanciful First Grade

  10. Ms. Law!! This game was left by my grade level to use with my new classroom of 2nd graders. I couldn't find the directions, so I Googled it and was happy to see your face! Hope all is well. Still looking for how to play... :(

  11. Depending on level of kids, how many are playing you can use one or two dice. I use two dice, give pennies and the kids have to say to the teacher (or whomever is the banker) "Can I make a trade?" They have to say what they want to trade and of course name of coin and how much it's worth. Keep taking turns until the first person gets to whatever you're playing to....a quarter....dollar, etc. My kids love this game!


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