Friday, March 30, 2012

Too Far Behind...

I'm having some technical difficulties finishing up some of my games for what was suppose to be a Birthday Week of WINNERS.

I'm on SPRING BREAK next week and hope to get ahead of the game!

Speaking of games, check back soon to pick up games to go with...


I promise they are on their way!

To say THANKS for hanging in there with me, I'm having a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Just stop by the store, do a little shopping, and then email me at

to tell me what you bought and what you'd like of equal or lesser value to go with it for FREE!

I will email your items directly to you.

YES... it's that EASY!

SALE expires March 31st at 12:00 pm EST.
PLEASE sure to email me by that time also.


  1. I love your sale idea! I think I will take inspiration from you and have one myself! Thanks!
    Daisy Days for Learning

  2. When we make our purchase, we only place half the order, then e-mail you for the half that is FREE?? Is that right?

  3. Great book choice- looking forward to seeing your games.

  4. I come to you today from Can Do Kinders. Thanks.

  5. My kiddos love splat and so do I! this looks cute!

    Kelly Brown

  6. I am so excited about your next set of games. I absolutely LOVE Splat the Cat books and didn't know that there is a new one out.

  7. What great book choices! Looking forward to seeing your usual.
    As for the turn to say...A day late-A$ short.

  8. I keep checking, are these games coming anytime soon? Glad you are going to still make things for first grade. I love your stuff! Love the comprehension games that go with books, that is why I keep looking for them.


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