Sunday, April 29, 2012

May is Here!

Yes, it's true...

The May Math & Literacy Color by Codes is completed and posted!

Math skills included are addition, subtraction, fractions. and rounding to the nearest 10.

Literacy skills included are nouns, verbs, adjectives, digraphs, and contractions.

Check them out at ...

Here's a sample...

to differentiate number words and color words for Mother's Day. This one is different form the one included in the set.

Click the picture above to grab your own copy. ENJOY!

By the way, the first 4 people to leave a comment below will get the May set for FREE!!
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fact Fluency

Math fact fluency is just as important for my students as reading fluency. I want them to be able to know them just like they read their sight words.

So I created these ULTIMATE collections of new Slides and Ladders games for my students to practice their addition and subtraction facts. They don't even need flash cards!

We started them this week while almost everyone else in our building is testing.  They LOVE them!

Take a look...

Here's a sample for you try out.

Click on the picture above to grab your own copy. ENJOY!

By the way, I also created a Multiplication and Division set for all my intermediate friends.

Here's a sample of them also.

Click on the picture above to grab your own copy. ENJOY!

These ULTIMATE Slides and Ladders collections are now posted on Teachers Pay Teachers.
GO check them out!

The first 4 people who leave a comment below will get a collection of their choice. Be sure to include your email and which collection you would like.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Slides and Ladders Goes Math!

First of all, I want to send out CONGRATS to

My Random Number is
Random Number Calculator


for being the winner of the autographed copy of Snow Day by Lester Laminack! ENJOY!!

Marcy, please email me directly with your mailing address and I will get that out to you.


Slides and Ladders Goes Math!

Adding Doubles...

Multiplying Doubles...

Try these out and leave feedback to let me know what you think!

Click on the pictures above to grab your own copies. ENJOY!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Words of Wisdom

I spent last Saturday morning listening to Lester Laminack talk about writing and spelling.

First of all, he is HILARIOUS, especially if you like sarcastic!

He is very real, down to earth, and REALLY knows what goes on in our classrooms.

Here are just few of his words of wisdom that came my way while listening to him.

*The only kids who need to spell are writers and kids in a spelling bee.

*We need to study spelling as a language, not a stimulus response system. Spelling has to be broader than for a a test on Friday.

*We need to be building a repertoire of skills that will translate. We need to know how to transfer the patterns of spelling. Spelling needs to be learned in the act of writing.

*We need to help kids understand why language is the way it is.Students need to understand why, even in spelling. They need to understand why we do it before, how to do it. If we don't know why, we are just memorizing.

*The beauty of a child is in the passion of his/her language, not in the structure of the spelling.

I say...I'm not there but my goal is to get there!

He also had some powerful things to say about bullying. He will say it to children in an upcoming book called Sam Loves Pink. It's on my list.
I am sad to say that in all my professional reading and research, I did not own one of his books. How sad for me. That changed has since changed.

My next read will be...

My next purchase will be...

The children's books I now own are...


Not only do I own these, someone else will own a new book because I am giving one lucky follower a copy of an autographed...

It is autographed especially to...

If you are interested in winning this autographed copy of Snow Day by Lester Laminack, just be a follower and leave a comment below.

Be sure to leave your comment by before Friday at 12:01 a.m. EST.

The winner will be selected by a random number generator on Saturday.

Good Luck!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tax Sale!

I noticed that some other GREAT bloggers were having a a TAX SALE and I decided to join in.

Why not?

Stop by and check it out to get 15% off anything in my store April 15th-17th.

I'll be busy doing my taxes!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

FLASH Freebie!

I am SUPER excited for 2 Reasons...

#1 I am so glad to have been able to be there for my newest niece's baptism today!

That's Kendall with her ADORABLE sister, Lauren.

#2 I WON something!


So I am going to share my WIN WIN with you...

For the next 60 minutes, not 61, I am giving everyone who emails me a FREE game.

All you need to do is visit my store...

Choose a single game item ($2.50-$3.50) and email me directly the game of your choice within the next hour. It is now 9:05 my time. This offer expires at exactly 10:05 my time!

*All I ask in return is that the next time you make a purchase from my store be sure to leave a comment. I read them all...go figure!

The clock starts now!!

PS. If I don't get back to you this evening it's because this was the last day of my SPRING BREAK and I spent the day driving home. Back to work tomorrow!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Bunny Hop Freebie

I'm so glad you hopped by to pick up a treat for your basket from me!

Here's a hoppin' good game to practice adding doubles....

and another one to practice multiplying doubles.

These are partner games using the game board, a 6 or 10 sided die, and two-sided counters. Students take turns rolling a die, add or multiply the double, and cover one of the answers on the game board. If the answer is already covered, the student loses a turn. Play until all spaces are covered. The winner has the most spaces covered.
Click on the pictures above to grab your own copies. ENJOY!!

I hope you have enjoyed hopping down the freebie trail with TBA to celebrate our first year! 

Click on the egg below to hop on over to visit 

Mor at A Teachers Treasure

to collect another GREAT freebie for your basket of goodies.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Where's the Easter Bunny?

THANKS to everyone who stopped by to take advantage of the BOGO sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store this weekend!

Here's another winner...

Who said...

I decided to put an Easter spin on it and use this book.

I know it's a lift the flap book but that makes it more fun for them.

It's also a perfect fit to review position words.

Jennifer, here's a game created just for you!

Remember everyone wins the game!

Click on the picture above to grab your own copy. ENJOY!
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