Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who doesn't LOVE those sock monkeys?

I went into a couple of fifth grade classrooms to teach the students how to play some partner games to practice some  multiplication facts which seems to be a weakness this year.

I taught them how to play BUMP! There are tons of BUMP games out there...too many to count.

I used SunnyDays Back to School version which I absolutely love and so did they. She has a lot of thematic versions of this math game. It was a GREAT intro for them! Her games use a regular die and practice the basic facts you can get from multiplying the numbers 1-6. If you haven't checked out her games and activities, be sure to click over and check them out.

By the way, my First Graders LOVED the addition versions too!

I enjoyed the experience because I now know for sure that 5th graders LOVE playing games just as much as the little guys do!

Now I need to BUMP it up another level so that the students can do a lot more multiplying and teachers can do a lot more differentiating!

Thus is born...

Each game board practices a different fact from 1- 10. Students use a 10-sided die or playing cards without the face cards.

I also included printables to practice each set of facts.

The entire game sets are now posted in my Teacher Pay Teachers store.

Click on each picture above to grab your own copy of the 5 game board and practice sheet. Enjoy!

For those going back tomorrow...

                HAVE A GREAT FIRST DAY!

*The first 3 people to leave a comment below with an email will get the set for FREE!


  1. So cute!


  2. Very cute!

  3. Congrats Amy, Lisa, and Kate!

    THANKS for playing along!

  4. Coolio! Love these!

    Peacocks and penguins


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