Sunday, September 02, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

I spent the whole Saturday watching football!

I also finished and posted the September set of Color by Codes in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

I have to say it one of my favorites! I LOVE the Johnny Appleseed and Superhero! The Sock Monkey is pretty cute too, if I say so myself. I added the Liberty Bell for Constitution Day. It may be a little stretch but just go with it. In all, I'm quite proud of it!

Click on the football pic above to grab a sample to practice beginning consonant digraphs. ENJOY!

* I've already started drawing the pics for the October set. Soon I'll be asking for skill suggestions.

**The first 3 people to leave a comment below with an email will get a the September set above for FREE.

Can you believe that some people don't leave their email? Can you believe those same people don't come back to check to see if they won? Can you believe they don't get their free stuff? Neither can I! Don't be one of those people!!

ENJOY your LABOR DAY off tomorrow!!


  1. I would love this!

  2. I would love this!

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  4. this is awesome!

  5. CONGRATS to Rachel, Melissa, and Jennifer!

    THANKS for playing along!

  6. They look great!

  7. I know I am too late, but still wanted to tell you how talented you are!

  8. I think you might have meant Meredith instead of Melissa, but it was nevertheless exciting! Thanks for opportunity! Happy new school year :)

  9. Sorry Melissa...Check your email.


  10. I love using these with my kids. I have them all. Kee them coming.


  11. So cute!!! I am giving away an organizer on my blog. Come stop by for your chance to win!

    Fantastic First Grade Friends

  12. I just bought these. My kids love them. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Swimming into Second

  13. Wow! You are always so creative and very generous! The kids love these formats! I didn't know you drew all of them! What secret tool are you using? I tried to start creating things with the Bamboo Pen...but alas...I'm not patient enough :) Maybe later :)
    Thanks again!
    Swamp Frog First Graders

  14. I'm a dork- I just went through all of your Tpt store looking for the OCT. one - I was going to go three months at a time (duh- I didn't read thoroughly)I'll go backwards and do June:)
    I think these are great!!

    Going Nutty!

  15. Thanks for the freebie. These are always a favorite with my Firsties and I'm sure I'll be adding the rest of September to my collection:-)

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