Friday, December 21, 2012

How Was Your Party?

After a very long weekend, I began my day Monday morning with a Christmas gathering, previously planned the week before, of all the students that I work with in small groups. Included were 1st graders, 3rd graders, and 5th graders. Altogether there were about 30 of us from all over the building.
It was just a simple breakfast of fruit, donut holes and juice. We all watched morning announcements together on the big screen with a special announcement introducing the police officer now assigned to our school, new actions put into place for everyone's security at our school, and a minute of silence in remembrance of those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary.

 Everyone sat around on the floor eating, because I only have 3 tables in my room,  while I served them juice, talked with their friends. Then each one picked up a whiteboard and passed it out to the person whose name was on it until everyone had theirs. As they left the room took, each took their ornament off the tree.

This wasn't like any of the Christmas parties I had had in the past 23 years, but one of the sweetest little celebrations I've had.

How was your party?


  1. Mine was nice. We got to use the cafateria instead of having it in our room. We played a game, ate a snowman donut and drank juice or milk. We decorated an ornament and then played a game to pass out the gifts. The kiddos had a great time and it was very organized.

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  2. We had a wonderful time! There were ice cream sundaes along with the swapping of gifts! Fun fun fun!!

  3. This sounds so nice Kathy! We had a great time, pjs, breakfast foods, and board games. It was great to sit back and watch the kids celebrate.


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