Thursday, January 02, 2014


NEW Color by Code set...

is FINALLY posted.

It includes a sheet for every month or whenever you want to use it.

Skills include...

 Compound Words
Sums to 18
                   ABC Order
Parts of Speech
Rounding to the Nearest 10
Plane Shapes
Fact Families
Differences from 18

Click here to check it out!

*If you are still up watching the game, the first 3 people to leave a comment with their email below will get the new set for FREE.


  1. Would love the set!

  2. Oops forgot email

  3. I'd love the set! Love your other codes!

  4. Love these.

  5. CONGRATS Chrissy, Stacey, and Rosy!


  6. Very creative, would love a copy :)

  7. Drat- I've been watching but got distracted & missed the flash give away! Looks great! I'll be getting it. I already bought your January new one & sent it in to be run at our print shop so it's ready after break. Carol

  8. I was out shoveling snow! Decided I should do it now, rather than in the morning when the wind chill is below zero!

  9. These are adorable! Sad that I'm late, but these are going straight to my cart!

    Teacher at Heart

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