Valentine Holders

These are the Valentine holders that we made to collect our Valentines in next week.  We sponge painted the paper plates, stapled them together to make a pocket, and added the other parts. Then we hung them on the side of our desks. I've been making these for years.  Aren't they the cutest bears ever?


Unknown said...

these are really cute! I love them!
I've been following you for awhile. DOn't I
recognize you as a former Marion County FL

Kathy said...

Yes...that's me! I taught in Marion County for 13 1/2 years before moving to the Atlanta area about 9 years ago. Most of my family is there so I visit often. THANKS for following me!

Diane said...

Very cute idea! I can think of all sorts of ways to use that pocket for other units!

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