Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Valentine's Math Game

We have been playing an Add Ten game that I found on another GREAT blog.  It's not our usual board game but my students love it!  So I piggybacked off it and made one for "Valentine's Season".  I created it to practice Doubles +1.

All you need is the gameboard, a die, and two color counters.  I used the two-sided foam counters that are in my math manipulative kits.  One side is yellow and the other is red. We play in partners so one person is yellow and the other is red.

Here's how to play....One student rolls the die, doubles the number and adds 1.  Then uses a counter to cover one of those spaces on the game board.  If someone's answer is covered, that person loses the turn. Play continues until all spaces are covered.  Whoever has the most counters on the game board is the winner.  However, everyone wins because they are practicing a skill and don't even know it!

Click here to download this Doubles +1 game.


  1. hi, I know this is coming late, but I am having trouble downloading...it is reporting a broken link! Loving your board games! Awesome!

  2. Hey...It's working on this end. Try again or if you want to send me your email, I will send it to you directly. Just let me know!


  3. Hi there, link not working from my end of the globe either (LOL) please fwd a copy to sonettc@mweb.co.za, it looks awesome

  4. Hi There!! Love your game but am having trouble downloading it. Could you email it to jamie_leroy@wrsd.net?

    My first graders will love it! Thanks!


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