Go for the Gold!

This is a race game to with a St. Patrick's Day theme to practice addition skills.  This game is super easy to get ready and add to your math tubs.  Just print, laminate, cut, and add game markers.  I have some other games similar to this that my students love to play. They love the idea of a race!

Click here to download Go for the Gold.


hsamuelson said...

This is fabulous and so easy!
Thanks for sharing!
Swamp Frog First Graders

Cindy said...

I LOVE your games! thank you for sharing your creativity with us!! :o)


Rachelle said...


Can I just tell you how much I LOOOOVE your games that you make. They are so awesome. I just played the "Lucky Times" game with my kiddos today and they begged to play it again! I really like how you included the answer key. At first I wasn't sure if I needed it, but I had my kids check their answers and it has really helped them!!!!!



calpers said...

THANK YOU soooo much for sharing your wonderful games!!!! Kathy, I couldn't find an email to contact you personally. I would be thrilled if you made another game like your Pot of Gold for Words! It is such a perfect fun game for small groups with me! We are doing a space unit next week and I wondered if I could ask you to create a space themed graphic for that game format or even a spring themed graphic would be great! Again, thank you soooo sooo much for all you make and share! Smiles,Cindy in South Carolina

Kathy said...

Hey Cindy...I will email you.

You must have read my mind! I was just telling my First Grade neighbor that when I reach 100 followers I will be doing a GIVEAWAY. I want it to be different than others. So I bounced the idea off her to do a YOU PICK the Skill, YOU PICK the theme contest. Look for it in 17 FOLLOWERS!


calpers said...

I just became a follower Kathy! : ) THANK YOU so much for your blog!!!! I LOVE it and check it several times a day-truly!!!!
Cindy in South Carolina

calpers said...

You wrote you would email me....my email is cja1st@gmail.com if you need the address. : )
Thanks so much!

kinder-gardening said...

You saved the day! Thank you for making our St.Patrick's week more fun!

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