St. Patrick's Day Game

My students can hardly wait for the chance to see a leprechaun this week.  To add to the enthusiasm, here's a new game just in time for St. Patrick's Day to practice tally marks.

Click here to download Happy St. Patrick's Day game.


Mrs. Fine said...

Hi Kathy, I'm an upper El teacher and have stumbled upon your blog...I'm being inspired to adapt for my upper El.kiddos~thanks! :-) Can I ask what program you use to make your game boards (e.g. St. Pat's Day and The Cat in the Hat). Thanks!!

Kathy said...

Hey Mrs. Fine,
I use Microsoft Publisher for everything and make up my own game boards.


Anonymous said...

it is a good b-day to be on

Anonymous said...

My daughter works with severely abused children/tweens in a group home setting. We just found your site so she asked me to print the "things that are green" bingo game. I'm afraid to show her all the rest of your cool ideas or I'm going to be printing and laminating for days!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Mama and Amy in Charlotte NC.

Giggles and Squeals said...

Thanks for all the wonderful goodies!

Amy Swan said...

Awesome!! This is a skill that can always use fine-tuning. :) Thank you!!

Happy Teacher Heaven

Unknown said...

This is fun game. My kids enjoyed this a lot.

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