Happy Birthday!

Here's a new game to practice synonyms.  I took these words form the CRCT First Grade study guide.  If you don't know what that is, it is the state test that we give in Georgia.  As everyone gets ready to take their own annual tests, I thought I would share.  ENJOY!

Click here to download Happy Birthday.


calpers said...

This game is adorable as always Kathy! Tomorrow is MY birthday so I felt like it was an early b'day present! lol
Thanks so much for sharing! : )
Cindy in South Carolina

Rachelle said...

Kathy! You create the cutest dang games!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! I love em' and most importantly, the kiddos love em'!

Kathy said...

THANKS Rachelle!!

THANKS Cindy...Today is my birthday! That was my motivation for today's game. ENJOY your birthday tomorrow!!


Kathy said...

If you have already downloaded this game, stop back by and download again. I didn't like the way that font formatted in Google Docs so I changed the font. That's just how I am!!

THANKS for stopping by!

calpers said...

Hey Kathy!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! The neat thing about teaching first grade is we can celebrate our birthdays just about all week. My class brought in cupcakes, cards, etc.. on Friday and counted the days till my b'day all week long. : )
Kathy, could you possible email me? I have a question about Ga. Math standards resources. Thanks so much! Cindy in South Carolina
email cja1st@gmail.com

Dana said...

I love all of your cute games in this format! Thanks for sharing!

Justin said...

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