Monday, March 28, 2011

Winner's Week: Day 1


THANKS Gladys!  Here's a new game created just for you!!
Spring is here with related number sentences in a fact family.  Add game markers and ENJOY!!

Click here to download Spring Has Sprung.

See you tomorrow for GIVEAWAY Winner #2!


  1. Yay!!! I'm soooo excited! Thanks so much!

  2. Are we all supposed to get to print it? The words are not appearing for me. That happens a lot. Maybe it is a PC to Mac thing.

  3. I used to have this problem too...I'm a mac user. Update your Adobe Reader and open it as a PDF in Adobe instead of in preview how it usually pops up. Hope this helps you!

  4. THANKS Jess!
    I hope Jess' suggestion helps Mac users.

    Sass....YES! The games are for everyone to have. If you can't get them and there is something specific that you want, just email me and I will send it to you directly.


  5. Hooray for Gladys and us! : ) Love the game Kathy! Related facts are hard for my firsties. They get fact families but can't always apply what they know. Thanks so much for this cute fun game!
    Cindy in S.C.

  6. Thanks for the game. It is great. The kids will love it!!!!

  7. Kathy!!!!! I must re-phrase what I said earlier: "I like your blog." I am OBSESSED with your blog!!! Wow, is it amazing! I have literally downloaded everything on here. I appreciate the fact that most items are free. When I started blogging a year ago, everyone was posting for free. Now, I feel like most people are charging. It is great to see someone else who posts a lot of documents for free. You are awesome!!

  8. Thank you so much! We are on summer vacation, and my 1st and 2nd grader struggle with the family of numbers...and I just got the triangle flashcards, but this game will be a fun one to play! thank you

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