Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day

Here's a new game with an Earth Day theme. It's a review for recognizing contractions and their spelling.  Just add a die, game markers, a friend and you're ready to play! Enjoy!!

Click the picture grab your own copy of Earth Day.


  1. So, so cute!!! Thanks! I'm printing it out now. I can't wait to laminate it and use it Friday. Perfect review before the CRCT! Your games are AWESOME!

  2. I lOVE it! Thanks for sharing this! So cute!
    Primary Inspired

  3. Thanks again for making another great game! I'm now starting to think ahead for summer school and this will be among the many games of yours I'll have the kids play!

    PS - Can I ask a tiny favor? Could you please add my blog to your side bar? I'd love more traffic.

  4. This is another adorable game! THANKS for all you make and share!!!! : )
    Cindy in South Carolina

  5. I LOVE this, but I'm having some trouble with google docs. When I try to print as a pdf the words turn into a blur. Anyone else have this problem??

  6. Thank you so much for sharing! :) I am following your wonderful blog! Please follow me at

    Have a Great Weekend! :)

  7. This is great! I'm tutoring some kids after school and they are still struggling w/ contractions. I can't wait to play this with them. Thanks for sharing!

  8. So cute! I got the link from the third grade gridiron newsletter. Thanks for having me on your blog roll! Be sure to grab my data binder freebie on my blog! I'm grabbing your code and adding you to my roll....I'm trying to get my act together!

    Thanks again!
    Rockin' Teacher Materials

  9. I just wanted to say that I used the game for Earth Day (which just so happened to be when we were focusing on contractions) and it was so cute! There are some mistakes on the answer key, though. They are #2, #17, and #24. Would you be able to fix these and repost? I would love to use this again next year! Thanks!

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