Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Bunny Glyph

Here's an Easter Bunny Glyph that I created for my students. They had a GREAT time creating their own bunnies!

After everyone had finished their bunnies, they took turns reading each other's glyph to the class.

Click here to download my Easter Bunny Glyph.

Take a look at some of our bunnies...

Click here to download my bunny patterns.

Tomorrow we are going to graph our bunnies.  Check back tomorrow for our bunny graphs.

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  1. I love glyphs. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think I have told you before, but I just LOVE your blog!!!

    1st Grade with Miss Snowden

  3. Oh my god I love these! I just found out tomorrow the 12 people that didn't finish their state tests from other 2nd grade classes will be in my room for the day on top of the 25 kids I normally have. And my para will not be there since she is helping with testing too. I am so doing this! Thanks again.

  4. So cute!! I am putting these in my file for next year since we are already on break and won't be back until after Easter!!

  5. LOVE IT! Super cute! I think my kids would enjoy doing this activity for math tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I love these bunnies! I've been looking all over the internet for a cute bunny pattern to go with an "Easter Bunny Application." These will be perfect!

  7. Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

  8. This was such a cute idea, we just had to try it with our Kindergarten and First Grade students! Take a look at how we tweaked it to allow the two grade levels to work together. THANKS for sharing your ideas! Bunny Glyphs

  9. Absolutely loved doing this with my students! Thank you for sharing!!!

  10. These are so cute, I also have been blog searching, thank you for sharing, I have placed you in my favorites, I am a K-12 parent of 2 kiddos we do school at home it is not the normal homeschool one would do, and beside the stuff the Virtual K-12 program sends us I love to find them other resources. Thanks again for all the ideas you have!

  11. Hi Kathy,

    I can use this with my kinders this upcoming school year. What a creative idea for learners!


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