Monday, July 25, 2011

Classroom Management 101

Let's start by saying...

Everyone has different philosophies and styles and should DEFINITELY do what works for them in their own classroom! In my classroom, there are no clips, slips, rainbows, or pins. My classroom management style is a little different.  So I thought I would share a little of what I do in my classroom here. It ABSOLUTELY works for me!  Maybe as you read along in this series of posts you can find a little something to take with you to try out in your classroom.

My classroom management begins the week before school starts when I meet parents and students at registration.  While I talk with parents, students are coloring and cutting out the glue bottle above. It is an exact replica of the poster that hangs in my classroom.  They take it home with them and put it on their refrigerators at home.  I ask parents to review the rules at home with their children each night the first week of school.

You can grab a copy of my rule chart, as an example, by clicking on the picture above.

Come back tomorrow to find out another activity we do at registration to begin classroom management.


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  2. The phrase "no clips, slips, rainbows or pins" made me laugh. I gave up the red, yellow green system last year. I was a little hesitant, but the new system was SO MUCH better. I'm interested to see what your system looks like. I love the idea of starting classroom management before the school year. I'm downloading the glue bottle. Looking forward to reading your post tomorrow.
    Just Add Clipart

  3. Hey Lauren...I have never used any of those systems but all my friends do. Letting parents know about your classroom management at the very beginning can only help!


  4. I'm a first year, first grade teacher and I'm eager to hear how your plan works!

  5. A very smart teacher introduced this system to me years ago. It works. I will never use anything else.

  6. Can I just say how nice it is to find another teacher who doesn't use a "flip card" type system for management! I have never used anything like that either and find the kids do just fine. I am so excited to read the details of what you do!

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  8. Been teaching for 23 years and NEVER thought of sending the rules home before school even begins! AmAzInG thought! Can't wait to hear more about your classroom management...Thank you!

  9. I just wanted to say thanks! I was hired as a first grade teacher today and have 1 week before school starts! I have been digging through blog land for ideas and tips as 1st is a new venture (most of my work has been in 4/5), and you have awesome ideas and explain them very well! Thank you! (PS- new follower ;)

  10. Thank you for the "Stick to the Rules" Poster, Kathy! Cute!
    ... three years later! :-)

    i Heart Second

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