Friday, July 08, 2011

It's not NASCAR ...

... but still fun for those who need subtraction practice.

Another race game in keeping with our work on math stations and building computation skills by mastering basic facts. 

I've included game cards for all the basic subtraction facts. Just choose the game cards for the skill I want them to practice. It might be doubles, zero less, ten less or just practice all the facts. 

Just print, cut, sort cards, add game pieces, and friends. Ready, set, RACE!   

Click the picture below to grab your own copy of Subtraction Races.

Come back tomorrow to check out Multiplication Races.


  1. I am loving this series!


  2. Wow! thank you so much for sharing your hard class is going to love your games.

  3. Love it!!! Would you mind changing the color one to say difference instead of sum? Thank you so much for all you do for teachers like myself that don't have much creativity. :-)

  4. THANKS Delighted! It has already been done. Please try it again.


  5. WOOHOO! I am so ready for multiplication since I will not be teaching as your neighbor in first grade.
    Learn with ME in Grade Three


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