Mouse Count

If you don't have this book, it's time to get it! This is a GREAT book to integrate math and language arts.  We have been working with it this week.  

This is the story of a greedy snake who hunts mice for dinner.  He counts and collects them in a jar.  In the end, the mice trick the snake and escape.

Here are some of our activities to go with the book. Click on each activity to grab your own copy.

Here is a poem we put in our Poem and Song books. We highlighted rhyming words.

Here's an activity for counting sets and number words.

Our first word search of the year to practice number words.

If anyone remembers the magazine, Copycat, that went out of publication a couple of years ago.  I was sooo disappointed. One issue had a cute little unit on Mouse Count and Mouse Paint.  I'm thinking since it is out of print I can share this activity.

Students create the snake. Hot glue a clothespin to the back of the snake's mouth. Students color and cut out ten mice.  Give students a large ziploc bag for a jar. While teacher reads story have the students act out using the props.  Have students retell the story on their own using props. When finished with book, I have students take props home and retell the story to their parents for homework.

We create our own little book.

You can also, stop by Teacher Pay Teachers and check out my game to accompany this book to practice number words. It's on sale for $1.00 through the weekend!

Stop by tomorrow for activities to go with Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.


kinderpond said...

Great shares :)


Elaine said...

I love Mouse Count and Mouse Paint - they are 2 of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Love this! Mouse paint is one of my favorites! I am going to have to buy Mouse Count! Thanks for sharing! :)
Crayons and Curls

Doodle Bugs said...

Cute! This is a favorite of mine!

Jennifer K. said...

Thanks so much for the freebies! I just got switched to 1st grade and I need all the help I can get!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing all these freebies!

Frolicking Through First

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Thanks! I am having some trouble downloading the snake for the clothespin.

mumzie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

C said...

Your site is a treasure trove of goodies! Thank you for sharing all that you do. I used to love that magazine, Copycat. I searched for it years ago and couldn't find it....know I know why. How sad!

C said...

oops typo! Meant, "now I know why"

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing theses fantastic materials. You have a wealth of information on this site. Thanks for having such a generous heart and sharing these goodies with us.

Justin said...

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