Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mouse Paint

This is another little mouse book by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  In this story the mice play in paint and use it to escape from a cat.

I use this book to introduce/review color words at the beginning of the year.

Here are some of our activities to go with the book. Click on each activity to grab your own copy.

Here is a poem we put in our Poem and Song books. We highlight color words.

This activity practices color words.

We practice patterns with this activity.

We read and spell color words with this word search.

My DOLLAR SALE at Teachers Pay Teachers runs through tomorrow.  Stop by and check out my game to accompany this book and others!

Check back tomorrow for activities to go with Mouse Shapes.


  1. Thank you, Kathy. These look very sweet. I'm going to check my local library for the book.

    ❀Barbara❀ (Who's having her first giveaway)
    Grade ONEderful

  2. Thanks for sharing your great ideas! I'm reviewing patterns next week. The patterning sheet will be perfect.
    Just Add Clipart

  3. I love these! And I love your blog. I just discovered it, thanks to your response about my blog list. Yes--I will be posting the final list on my site in a few weeks.

  4. Thanks, Kathy! I have this in big book format and always use it in the beginning of the year. Now you've given me additional activities to supplement.
    First Impressions

  5. So cute! I have mixed food coloring with white frosting and allowed students to use a big marshmallow as their mouse to mix colors together just like in the book!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  6. Awesome Blog! You have some wonderful ideas!!!

  7. Just found this activity (thank you pinterest!) and it is the perfect supplement to an art lesson I taught this week. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
    So cute!

  8. I love this post... Where did you get the mouse graphics?

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  13. Mouse Paint is an excellent book for young children. This book is great for children learning their primary colors, and how colors can change to form new colors. I recommend Mouse Paint to teachers and parents with young children. It is easy to read, and the illustrations are cute, too.

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