Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If You Want to Know What Heaven Looks Like...

Here it is from the eyes of a 6 year old!

Today we read

We, meaning I, noted that nowhere in the book was it mentioned that anyone was thankful for video games or toys.

We charted what we are thankful for.

Then I told them that I had a naked turkey on the wall outside our room that was missing something.  After naming all kinds of clothing that the turkey could wear, someone finally said feathers. YAY!

So we made feathers for our turkey.  On it we wrote something that we were thankful for and illustrated.

Take a look at our turkey...

Here are some of our other feathers.

Yes, we recently learned about spiders and how they were helpful.

Here's a turkey for you!  We are composing and decomposing numbers to 10.

Click on the picture to grab your own copy. ENJOY!


  1. How on earth do you all make these? Just curious... :-)
    First Grade Delight

  2. Hey Delighted...I'm assuming you are asking about the color by code. I start with the picture and use the drawing tools in Microsoft Publisher.


  3. Where did you get your big turkey!!! I love this idea!!!

  4. super activity. thanks for sharing!

  5. thank you for the turkey color by code!

  6. Very cute turkey! Love the color by code; however, my kids aren't ready for that math yet. They will be soon.

  7. We watch the Reading Rainbow version of that same book and make a book out of it each year. The first grade team at my school have been making it for years. I guess we need to figure out how to make an electronic version to share. The kids LOVE making it, even though it can be stressful.

    Thank you for the color the code turkey. We normally plan a seasonal math activity and teach a new math game. This will be perfect.


  8. This is so cute. Just shows how a year old celebrates thanksgiving.

    Irene Jennings (Washington State Traffic Ticket)

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