What Are We Reading Wednesday

Today we are reading about the voyage of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving.  We read several books but the one I read today was Friendship's First Thanksgiving by William Accorsi.  It may be out of print but I have been reading it for more than a couple of years.

The activity I did to go with this book can go with any books that tell the story of the First Thanksgiving.

I found several of these with different versions on the internet last year and changed them a little and created my own version for my students.

Today we made these beaded bracelets to retell the story of the First Thanksgiving. They LOVE them!

Click the picture below to see how I taught my students to retell the story. ENJOY!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing!! This is a great retelling story!!

Kerri and Lindsay said...

LOVE THIS!! I am totally doing this next week! My kiddos will be so excited!
Thanks so much!
Kerri B

Classroom Confetti said...

LOVE this idea!! Will definitely use this retelling strategy soon!

Jen R said...

how cute! and I just happen to have all kinds beads at work :)

Trail Smitten Mom said...

Super cute! Thank you! Can't wait to do with my firsties and Title 1 kiddos.

Delighted said...

Thanks for sharing! This is a bit different than the one I had did in the past and I like this one much better!
First Grade Delight

Gayla said...

Great idea to use the beads to retell the story!

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